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Project's e-mail: contact@letsgetactive.eu

The „Let’s get active!....” coordinator:
Agnieszka Dadak
Foundation of Alternative Educational Initiatives, Bielsko-Biała, Poland
E-mail: faie@fundacjaaie.eu
Phone: +48 511 551 439

Partner’s coordinators:
Maria Georgiou
Future World’s Centre, Nicosia, Cyprus
E-mail: maria.georgiou@cnti.org.cy
Phone: +357 22 873 820

Mihaela Bolohan
Asociatia EuroDEMOS, Iasi, Romania
E-mail: eurodemos_mihaela@yahoo.com
Phone: +40 720 728 953

Romina Boraso
Cooperativa Sociale COOSS MARCHE ONLUS scpa, Ancona, Italy
E-mail: ricerca25@cooss.marche.it
Phone: + 39 07 150 103 275