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We have the pleasure to announce, that the English version of the Open On-line Research Report concerning active democratic participation is now published.

The national language versions of the report (Polish, Romanian, Italian and Greek) will be available in December.

The goal of the open on-line research was to create a space where the European Union’s citizens could share their opinions, needs, expectations and ideas concerning active participation in the democratic life of EU, in order to: learn the reasons and root causes of not participating in the democratic life of the EU;  to learn what the possible incentives, that could increase the citizens to participation in the EUs’ policies shaping, could be. There were 701 persons, who took part in the research answering at least the mandatory questions. The research was initially designed to take place in Poland, Romania, Italy and Cyprus, still, thanks to the English version, in total, respondents representing 40 various countries took part in it.

Participants came from both inside and outside Europe: Poland (175 questionnaires collected), Romania (224 questionnaires collected), Italy (169 questionnaires collected), Cyprus (26 questionnaires collected) and: Portugal, Hungary, Scotland, Lithuania, Morocco, France, Slovakia, Spain, Bulgaria, Croatia, Albania, Greece, Austria, Germany, UK, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, FYR Macedonia, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Turkey, Ukraine, Switzerland, Pakistan, Ecuador, Lebanon, Argentina, Armenia, Lithuania, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Tunisia, Montenegro, Latvia, Slovenia, Serbia and Belgium.

The open on-line survey lasted 3 months, from April 2015 till June 2015.
The research was being realized in 5 language versions: English, Italian, Rumanian, Polish and Greek.

The survey engaged 4 specific topics and the questionnaire was organized in 6 different groups of questions gathered by area of interest (Personal Data, Get involved, Get Active, Elections and Participation, EU and Participation, Note).  

The English version of the report you will find HERE and by clicking ‘Open on-line research’ tab in the right-side menu.

The report will be now translated into 4 national languages of the project Partners. The national translations will be available in December 2015.